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Mireia Riera and Jordi Ruiz came together with a shared passion for design and an admiration for certain designers. From disparate professional backgrounds they created sic97 in 2013. Mireia, a pioneer in design with some prestigious awards and Jordi, a self-taught industrial engineer and with more than 30 years experience.

Established in Barcelona, sic97 continues to produce timeless and fascinating industrial designs, such as Series ET Bathroom Fittings and Toma lamp by Elmar Thome, Llum Mirror by Mireia Riera or Galant by Pep Bonet.
Our philosophy is to deliver a quality final product to the client while paying full respect to the original design and materials used.

sic (erat scriptum / ‘exactly as it was written’) / 97 (the year the ET series was created)

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